UPDATE: Mindshare Networking event at Nationals Park, Wed 26 Jul, 7:05 first pitch

Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET

PLEASE NOTE: Paypal payment has been established for this event!

Mindshare is sponsoring a casual gathering of Alumni at Nationals Park, to see the Nats take on the Milwaukee Brewers.
This is meant as an opportunity to meet fellow Alumni, while enjoying the lazy days of summer and supporting the local baseball team.

The seats are in the outfield's Section 102, near the Bud Light Loft, and should allow plenty of space to both enjoy the game and mingle.

Reservations and payment ($31!!) are required for this event; it will be limited to 25 attendees; and you can now REGISTER (and pay!) FOR THIS EVENT.
Thanks to the efforts of both the Mindshare Operating board and the Mindshare Alumni board, we now have the Paypal account set up to accept registrations for events with a fee.

Mark Your Calendars, and don't forget to Register!

Mindshare thanks their sponsors for their generous support of this, and many other events:




Pricing Information

Registration Price
All Registrants $31.00