About Mindshare

Mindshare: Sharing Minds with Like-Minded People

Mindshare is an exclusive, invitation-only network of chief executive officers (CEOs) from the most promising emerging and high growth technology companies in the Washington, DC region.

Over 1,100 CEOs of highly innovative and dynamic technology companies have joined forces through the Mindshare Alumni Network to:

  1. Drive further growth of individuals and companies by establishing a vibrant community that develops long-term trusted business and personal relationships.
  2. Build a strong peer-to-peer network of CEOs that fosters collaboration and entrepreneurship to build high-growth technology companies.
  3. Increase awareness of our region as a technology innovation hotbed to attract investment capital, develop entrepreneurial talent, and share valuable resources.

The Mindshare Mission: Networks, Access and Entrepreneurship

The Mindshare Alumni Network mission is to strengthen networks, gain direct access to recognized thought leaders and advisors, and build long-term successful technology companies in the Washington, DC region.

Mindshare Alumni Network: A “Brain Club” of CEO’s who Share

Best Practices – Strategic, Tactical and Operational
Relationships —Customers, Partners and Suppliers
Advice – Business Planning, M&A and Operations
Investments – Angel, Private Equity and Venture Capital
Network of Talent – Executive and Organizational

Mindshare Membership:
A Bounty of Benefits -- The Top 10

  1. Membership and recognition in an exclusive, invitation-only network of CEOs from the most promising emerging and high-growth tech companies in the Washington DC region.
  2. Specialized Daily Email Discussion that shares resumes, referrals, events and provides a question/answer forum for alumni to exchange ideas.
  3. Membership Directory that captures specific information on each member and company to share with other Mindshare Alumni.
  4. Monthly Newsletter that features members’ news (funding, acquisitions, product launches), testimonials, networking events and Mindshare new initiatives.
  5. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that engage members in specialized interest communities and networking through quarterly events and on-going discussions.
  6. Monthly Events to share ideas and develop personal and business relationships through structured topics and purpose.
  7. Peer-to-Peer Directed Board Outreach to develop deeper relationships and act on members’ needs, ideas and feedback.
  8. Best Practices Library that includes shared documents such as sample business agreements, license agreements, and partnership agreements.
  9. Secure access to the Mindshare Alumni Network website.
  10. Access to strong external social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Mindshare Organization and History: 20 Years of an Exclusive Group

Founded in 1997 by a local group of prominent executives and passionate business leaders, Mindshare is an exclusive forum designed to help CEOs of emerging technology companies build bigger, better and more innovative businesses.

The Mindshare Organizing Board is comprised of prominent technology and business leaders within the Washington DC region. The Organizing Board members conduct a rigorous selection procedure that accepts about 50 technology CEOs each year into the Mindshare Class. The Class meets once a month, for 10 months, to engage with other successful entrepreneurs, interact with the board, enjoy dinner, and gain knowledge from a panel discussion. Panel presenters are legends and luminaries who share their success stories and lessons learned on topics that are critical to launching, scaling and exiting a company -- such as raising venture capital, driving revenue, marketing and sales, recruiting and retaining top talent, building a board and implanting successful exit strategies. Past speakers include Mario Morino, founder and CEO of Legent, The Morino Institute and Netpreneur; Andrews Stern, Chairman and CEO of USinternetworking; Raul Fernandez, founder of Proxicom and Chairman and CEO of ObjectVideo; and Lt. General John Sattler, Leadership Chair at U.S. Naval Academy.

Upon completion of each year's class, the participating CEOs are invited to a formal graduation ceremony that follows by the opportunity to join the Mindshare Alumni Group. To date, there are more than 900 members within the Mindshare Alumni Network.

Mindshare Class: The Invitation Process for Innovative Tech Entrepreneurs

The process begins every year with the Mindshare Organizing Board reviewing new submissions in January and sending invitations by early February. The class kick-off event is held late February and hosted by Ted Leonis at the Verizon Center. The following nine sessions meet for networking, dinner and panel discussions in a specified restaurant’s private dining room. A graduation ceremony is celebrated in December.

To be considered for the class, a Mindshare Alumni must invite the prospective CEO to complete the application at any time throughout the year before the December 31st deadline.

To Nominate a CEO to the Mindshare Class

Members of the Mindshare Alumni and Mindshare Organizing Board may nominate a CEO to the Mindshare Class. Nominees must be a CEO of an emerging or high-growth technology company in the DC area. This does not have to be a first-time CEO, but we are focused on CEO's who will both gain knowledge and contribute to the program. The Mindshare program is tailored to high-tech companies, versus government contractors and services organizations.

Nominations are due by December 31st of each year. The class begins late February.

Please email the following data points to Sabrina Morales (smorales@cooley.com). All information will be kept strictly confidential.

  • CEO Name
  • Company Name
  • Full Contact Information (phone, email, address, website)
  • A brief paragraph about the Company (compelling net/net of the company, what does the product do, what differentiates this company from other similar companies)
  • A brief paragraph about the CEO
  • Stage of Company (funded, how much raised and who are the investors, has the product launched, who are a sampling of current customers, number of employees, revenue, etc.)

For more information, please contact Sabrina Morales (smorales@cooley.com).

Mindshare Alumni: Today’s Mavericks . . . Tomorrow’s Billionaires

Every Mindshare Alumni is uniquely exceptional and highly accomplished. However, below are just a few who have built successful companies and have then been aquired:

Reggie Aggarwal (Mindshare 2001), Founder and CEO of Cvent acquired by Vista Equity Partners for $1.65 Billion in 2016.

Peggy Styer (Mindshare 2004) Founder and CEO of Blackbird Technologies acquired by Raytheon in 2014 for $420M.

Joe Payne (Mindshare 2003) Founder and CEO of Eloqua received a $92M IPO in August 2013 and acquired by Oracle Corporation four months later in December for $871M.

Phillip Merrick (Mindshare 1997) Founder and CEO of webMethods acquired by Software AG for $546M in 2007.

Rick Kay (Mindshare 1999) Founder and CEO of OTG Software acquired by Legato in 2002 for $405M.

Hemant Kanakia (Mindshare 1997) Founder and CEO of Torrent Networking Technologies acquired by Ericsson for $450M in 1999.

Joe Crupi (Mindshare 1998) Founder and CEO of Telogy Network acquired in 1999 by Texas Instruments for $450M.

The Mindshare Alumni Network Shares Minds: Making the Washington DC Region
an Exceptionally Unique Area to Inspire, Launch, and Build the Next Gen of Innovative Tech Companies.