This website is a private community for the alumni, current class, and Organizing Board of the Mindshare Alumni Network. Use is not permitted by other groups.

If you are a member of Mindshare and have never logged into this site, or have forgotten your password, you can get a new password by using the Reset Password function.

In order to reset your password, the email address you enter into the box on the Reset Password page has to match the one we have on file. If your email address has changed and you no longer have access to the email account you used when you were in your Mindshare class, please use the Contact Us page to let us know your new email address.  


Q: Do I need to log in to the website each time to use Mindshare Network?

A: No, All Mindshare alums are already pre-subscribed. You will receive an initial email from Mindshare asking you to set your password and we ask that you take the time to do this one time. You will then be able to engage via email and also enjoy greatly expanded capabilities if you do log in to the website.

Q: How do I send a message via email to the entire Alumni list?

A: You can use the "Post New Message" button at the top of your Alumni digest email to send a message out to the Alumni group or you can email your post to  to start a new thread. You can use the "Reply to Discussion" and "Reply to Sender" buttons associated with each post in your digest email to respond to an existing thread.

Q: Can I change my email subscriptions - I want plain text?  

A: A few people have asked if they can receive their messages in the old, plain-text style. You can change your subscription settings to do this on the Community Notifications page, which you can reach by clicking the My Subscriptions link at the very bottom of any email. Select the "Plain Text" option from the drop-down for any list you want to change.

Q: How can I change settings so I receive fewer emails?

A: If you don't need/want to receive messages from the community right away, you can choose to receive them summarized, once per day per group, in a Daily Digest.  The Community Notifications page described above will let you change your subscription type. The daily or weekly consolidated emails are recommended for those looking to receive fewer emails.

Q: What are subgroups?  How do I use them?  Do I need someone to add me to them or can I add myself?

A: The main community/group is the Alumni community. Everyone is subscribed to this group automatically. General discussions, Q&A, recommendations, etc. that don't fit in one of the subgroups should happen in Alumni.

Subgroups should be used for topic specific discussions. Admin can create new subgroups as needed, but we want to be careful about getting too granular as there will be too many groups and discussions can easily be spread too thin. The big advantage to subgroups is that they act as filters. If messages that are specific to a given topic are posted in the appropriate subgroup, only those who are interested in that topic (and have subscribed to that subgroup) will get the message.

This should cut down on message volume, while at the same time increasing overall message volume as people should be less "afraid" of bothering the whole alumni membership because they know they are talking only to people who are interested in the topic.

More on subgroups and administration of subgroups (using the “Onshoring” subgroup as an example):

  • You want to get alums to join your community. To join a subgroup, click the Discussions link in the main menu, scroll down to find the subgroup you are interested in, for example “Onshoring SIG”, and click the red “Join” button. Community admins can also invite people to join who have expressed an interest but have not yet joined. The system will send those people an invitation and they can click a link to join immediately.
  • Dialog that you want to happen in the Onshoring group needs to be posted there. That can be done by:
    • Send an email to mindshare_[subgroupname], for example
    • From the main menu on the site, hover over Discussions then click Post a Message. In the Post a Message screen chose “Onshoring” from the “To” list
    • From the  main menu on the site click Discussions, scroll down or page through the subgroups to find the desired group (Onshoring) and click the title of the group to open it. Then click the green “Add” button next to Latest Discussion Posts to share your message.

  • Future discussions about Onshoring should be done this way - within the subgroup. That way those that care about Onshoring (and join that group) will receive notifications of those posts, and those that don’t want information about Onshoring, won’t receive it. However, anyone who is logged in will able to read the posts on the site at any time for subgroups they have not subscribed to.

  • To generate more interest in the subgroup, you can send a summary of what's going on in the subgroup to the Alumni list periodically. All discussions can be found by any alum at any time, by browsing the online community or searching the site.

Want to change how you receive messages from the Alumni list or any subgroup? Also, any time you'd like to change how you get those messages, or to stop getting them, just go here and change your settings to "no email".

If you need further assistance, please find detailed how-to documentation here.