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The Mindshare Alumni Network Shares Minds: Making the Washington DC Region
an Exceptionally Unique Area to Inspire, Launch, and Build the Next Gen of Innovative Tech Companies.

Mindshare By The Numbers

CEOs graduated from the
Mindshare class and are now part
of the Alumni Network.
Events since 2015 to develop
relationships through specific topics
and areas of interest.
Average monthly messages
among members to exchange ideas
and best practices.


"Being a part of Mindshare was potentially the single most efficient and effective thing I did when growing my business. I was initially reluctant to accept the invitation to join. I didn't have time, or so I thought. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Time and knowledge was what I gained back in spades."
Katherine Novikov
Founder/CEO, Diamond Mind
Mindshare, Class of 2012
"For all new Mindshare Alumni, I can tell you this community truly matters. It's not only a vehicle to grow your business, but it's there for you both personally and professionally. Having Mindshare fellows to talk about your darkest moments and share your proudest makes the journey so much better."
Sundeep Sanghavi
Co-Founder/CEO, DataRPM
Mindshare, Class of 2002
"The best part of Mindshare is the high quality, like-minded entrepreneurs that it brings together for support, networking and social activities. Through the group, I’ve come to make great friends, advisors and an extended family which I support and can also rely on for professional assistance."
David Miller
CEO, RideLeads
Mindshare, Class of 2008