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Mr. Partee is currently CEO and Co-Founder of MoonVu, Inc., a company with a platform that democratizes access to data once available only to major Wall Street firms.  MoonVu specializes in collecting observable data for investors, using video, sensors, and other technology to gather information on publicly traded companies.  These video streams are then processed with computer vision and machine learning trained models to create valuable "alternative data" to give buyers an information advantage.  For example, MoonVu can track foot traffic at a store or output at a factory, often providing investors with insight ahead of company reports.  

Mr. Partee co-founded Taxi Magic (now Curb) in Jan 2007 where he led the company as its President, CEO, and board member. He led from initial concept through building the team and technology to its successful product launch in March 2008, and grew service in over 60 major metro areas. He raised over $40M of venture capital through Series B and helped exit to Verifone. Mr. Partee conceived one of the first "useful" and popular iPhone Apps, Taxi Magic, launched in Dec 2008, and a Top 20 Travel app since. Apple included Taxi Magic in major national TV, newspaper and app store efforts numerous times since in 2010 again in 2014 when the company launched its new app and services as Curb.

He has served as CEO of two venture-backed software firms, Ecutel and Viewgate Networks, where he was able to raise over $28M of equity and debt funding. Mr. Partee gained international experience at ViewGate as it was founded in London--making 30 trips to London in as many months. At Ecutel, he established partnerships with the EMEA sales arm of HP through their office in Oslo, Norway. At both firms he was instrumental in refocusing business models, expanding sales channels, and closing company defining sales contracts.

Mr. Partee served as Managing Director, Data Warehousing for Platinum Technology, (NYSE:CA) where he was responsible for several product lines and multiple development locations. Mr. Partee came to Platinum after he negotiated the sale of his enterprise software company, RelTech Products, which he co-founded in 1988. During his 7 years of co-managing RelTech, Mr. Partee was personally responsible for Professional Services, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Product Development.

Mr. Partee began his career with IBM and Andersen Consulting (Accenture). He holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Virginia.

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